Our partners have led and won important racial and economic justice policies in Massachusetts including Earned Sick Time, Criminal Offender Record Information reform, election modernization victories such as Early Voting, protections for senior transit riders “The Ride”, bilingual ballots for Chinese & Vietnamese voters (Boston), and many more.

Our partners joined hands and established the MVT because we know that our Democracy is at a crossroads. Though perceived as a bastion of progressive politics at the national level, Massachusetts has one of the highest gaps in income and wealth inequality in the nation, presenting real challenges for the New American Majority and making organizing imperative.

We believe that it is in our hands to reclaim Democracy so that it fulfills its promise as a government for, by and of the people.  Therefore, we work to organize, educate and mobilize our communities to fully engage in civic life.

Where We Work

 The Voter Table worked in 87% of MA House districts during 2014

The Voter Table worked in 87% of MA House districts during 2014

Our Partners

Our Trainings

“Today has helped me reflect more what power is and what power means to me.”

The Massachusetts Voter Table invited Wellstone Action to Boston for the second year on July 12 and 13, 2018. Over one hundred participants from 46 organizations across the state came together to learn about grassroots organizing and building a field program. A dozen senior leaders of MVT partner organizations met for a long-term strategy session. In the next five years, MVT plans to build relationships with 1 million New American Majority voters across Massachusetts and convene organizations to bring transparency, accountability, and democracy to the statehouse.

“I learned about multiple organizations in Massachusetts and across the country, which has been very important for my career choices.”
“I learned how to reach the heart and not just the mind.”

Our Impact on Turnout